On hold…for 15 years!

So…how long do you think it should take for someone to fulfill a promise they have made to you?  What if someone anointed you for a task?  Would you want to wait patiently…for…15 years?  I never realized that is how long David waited to become king once he was anointed.  I know much of his story.  I’ve probably read all there is to read of his story in the bible multiple times.  It just never occurred to me before that there was such a long time of waiting for him.  And not just sitting around waiting….running for his life waiting.  He didn’t exactly get the easy road to his destiny.  He didn’t exactly get to sit back, relax and wait for his day in the spotlight.  He was anointed king and then had to endure MUCH before he ever saw the fruit of that anointing.

Have you ever been anointed for something?  Has God ever called you to a task and then made you wait…and wait…and wait?  What about all the things He has promised in His word?  Do you ever look at those and wonder why they are there if you never see the fruit of those promises?  Do you ever feel like giving up?  Or, do you ever feel like taking matters into your own hands to speed up the process?

I’ve wondered about the parts of the stories that didn’t make it into the bible before.  I’ve wondered about the parts of the characters lives that we didn’t get to see.  I wonder what it must have been like for David to receive such an anointing and then to find himself waiting year after year after year.  I haven’t done any research to see how this went down back then.  Maybe it wasn’t that uncommon to have such a lapse of time between an anointing and its fulfillment.  Maybe it was understood that there would be a time-lapse.

There are a few promises I’m waiting on God to fulfill.  There are some things I believe He has called me to that I haven’t seen yet and I don’t know when or how I will get to them.  I want them now.  I don’t want to wait 15 years.  I catch myself wanting to get to the fulfillment rather than walking the steps he has laid out in front of me.  Surely the destiny is the point…or is it.  What if the journey to that destiny is just as important as the destiny itself?  What if there are things you need to learn before a promise can be fulfilled or a destiny can be taken hold of?  What if there are things you need to fight and outrun?  And what if you need all those challenges and obstacles you keep seeing as “bad” things in order to become who you need to be to fulfill all that God has designed you to be for Him in His Kingdom?

Hmmm…maybe there is something important that needs to happen before His promises are fulfilled and your destiny can become your reality.  Maybe we could take a note from the pages of the man after God’s own heart and live the now that He is allowing in order to shape us for the destinies and promises He had laid out for us.

It turned out okay for David.



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