Stay in your pasture!

Have you ever seen something as you were driving down the road that you wish you could have gotten a picture of?  I didn’t get a picture with a camera, but I have the image burned into my memory.  I was driving home from dropping the girls off at school and noticed a black cow with her head stuck through a barbed wire fence so she could eat the grass on the other side.  She had to turn her head sideways in order to get through it.  She did that to eat the grass and to pull her head back through.  She had obviously done this before.  She had a whole field at her disposal but was willing to be cut by the barbs in order to reach that little bit of grass just on the other side of the fence.  I guess the fence is still serving the purpose it was built for…keeping the cows inside the field…but it sure didn’t stop this one from getting her head on the other side.

It didn’t appear that there was anything wrong with the grass on her side of the fence.  It didn’t appear that she had run out of grass suitable for consumption.   I wonder what made that little patch on the other side so much more appealing?  I wonder if she was just bored with her grass and thought she’d see what the forbidden grass tasted like.  I wonder if her mom warned her against such behavior and she just had to see for herself…not matter the cost.  I wonder how she figured out she could cock her head like that the first time?  I wonder if she had ever tried to break through that fence?

It made me wonder about fences in my own life…parameters.  Those put there by God for my protection and those put there by man.  I think I’d be a lot like that cow…wanting to see what is on the other side of that fence.  I know when I was younger all it took for me to do something was to tell me not to.  I am thinking of one incident that sent a “barb” right into my arm…a cactus thorn.  I was told to stay in the car.  I was told not to get out.  I was told to wait there.  I couldn’t stand it.  I got out.  I ventured away from the car.  I was about to get caught.  What do you do when you are about to get caught?  RUN…unless you are on gravel and there is cactus on the sides of it…then I don’t suggest it.  That was a time I should have stayed inside the fence.

What about God parameters?  He has a plan for each of us.  He has a plan that He designed for each of our lives from the very beginning.  His plan involves freedom of choice, but it is still His plan with the things that He has for each of us to do.  It is a good plan!  It is all we need.  But how many of us start looking around at things on the other side of the fence and imagine it must be better than what we have.  How many of us stick our head thru the fence to taste what someone has in the other field?  It may be a great field, but it isn’t the one God put you in.  It isn’t where He wants you.  He put you in your field for a reason.  He may open the gate and move you to a different field, but if he has put up a fence, he doesn’t intend for you to go sticking your head thru to the other side.

I listened to a podcast yesterday that was centered on doing what God has for you to do in ministry.  The emphasis was on how we sometimes want to do what God has given someone else to do when all He has called us to is our thing…not theirs.  If we were to each do the thing God designed us for and championed others in the things He gave them…all the work would get done.  All the people would be ministered to in a way that met their needs.  Everyone would have enough.  There would be no need to go poking around in someone elses field.

A great question was posed today in a group I am in…Why do you want to do the thing you want to do?  Another way to ask it might be…what is your motivation?  Why do you want that thing that you think is so important?  Then take that to God and ask Him about it.  You may be in the field you are supposed to be in…get your head out of the other person’s field.  He may open the gate and place you in a new field…wait for him to open it…you won’t have to go thru barbs if He opens the gate.  Don’t miss out on the goodness he has in your field.  Don’t miss the things he wants you do to there.

I haven’t seen the cows since that day.  I know they are in that field somewhere, but they haven’t ventured back to this side of it.  Maybe they decided to stick with what they had.  It really is best since a road is just outside the fence on one side and major construction is going on just past the other side.  Only the people who are supposed to be in those areas with the proper equipment need to be there.  God didn’t make the cows for that.

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