Needing a fish miracle

They caught a fish!!! It was THIS big…


We were told it was a 26 pound fish and hurried thru the woods down to the lake to see the ginormous catch…



When we got there we were told it might not be that big. It might only be this big…


As fish tales often go…they never turn out as big or as small as they were in reality…


We didn’t get to eat this one tonight but all the kids did get to touch it. Some of them even rubbed its belly. Don’t worry…it wasn’t some religious ritual.





We didn’t eat it because we had too big of a crowd for this one fish. I think we should have tried for the fish miracle. Some of the fellas went out fishing again tonight in this canoe so maybe there is still hope for a fish fry tomorrow night.


Although…I’m not sure how they are going to fit two fellas…two boys and nets full of fish in that canoe.


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