Fish Tales and other true stories

What is a good adventure without a re telling of it? I have a treasure that I keep from my adventure at Wilderness Trek in Colorado back in my college days. One of the ladies that went with us journaled the experience from her perspective and shared that journal with us after we returned home.

I’ve been thinking about creating a couple of personal prayer journals for my girls. Journals of prayers I am praying for them throughout their lives. Prayers that I may not share with them today but prayers they may find very valuable to look back on one day. I have the journals and have been praying the prayers but haven’t taken the time to put the two together. I think I’ll get intentional about that.

This week we are enjoying spring break and the increased amount of family and friend time that goes along with it. I am enjoying it for the first time as a SAHM without a job outside the home on my mind. Justin is blessed with plenty of vacation so he took the week off.

We began the week with a quick trip to the Inlaws. I think my hand is finally back to normal after a few hours on a mouse sander. It was fun though. Helping out and knowing your time was useful is a good thing. It was a good thing for all of us. I am blessed with girls who enjoying serving others and it was great to see them in action.

We also enjoy camping. So, here we are enjoying the great outdoors, fireside chats, beautiful sunsets, the sounds of nature and fellowship with dear friends for the next few days. I don’t know if the girls will want to know, but maybe someday they will enjoy looking back over their moms view of some of their trips. It not, I’ll have fun posting some highlights along the way.

So here we go…

We have a great spot to camp this year with the 4 other families that will eventually be joining us. I think the last one is set to arrive and set up camp tomorrow. We have some families joining us for the day but 5 of us will camp sit year. I’m not naming any names in case they would prefer I not tell the world where they are. Oh and did I mention we have a few four legged friends camping with us too? Five to be exact. Thankfully only two of them are sharing our tent. We have a 10 man tent…which is really just right for 4 humans and two dogs. Maybe we could add one more dog and call it a 20 legged tent? (Hey! Handsome fella…can we get another dog?)

We have this beautiful view from the campfire at sunset…


The first day was really just your normal setup day at camp. Setting up tents and cooking areas and leveling campers. Oh…well… those with campers leveled their campers. Our family just set up the tent. The only thing that got leveled in our family today was Gracie. Apparently the bike didn’t follow her command to turn in time and that tree branch was just a bit lower than she expected. It’s all good. She has proof on her face that she had an adventure…it will heal…and she exacted justice on the branch she broke off with her face. Yes…with her face…it snapped off when she hit it. She took great pleasure in burning that branch in the fire! 🙂

The kids found a hill to ride their bikes on. I insured their fun would be limited by the helmets to protect their craniums. 🙂 Hey! It’s my job to limit their fun, right? 🙂 Too bad Gracie didn’t have on a face mask. 😜

The fella is already braving the cold this morning as I lay here snuggled up in my sleeping bag wondering how to capture this warmth as I venture outside the tent in a bit. I know a couple of four legged creatures and a few two legged ones that are going to be in need of an adventure down the dirt trail soon.

I’m hoping the fella catches some fish this morning. I’d love to have a fish tale to add to this blog. Heck, maybe I’ll just make one up…that’s what you do with fish tales…right?

Well, I’ll leave you with my favorite shot from the first day of the trip. Well, besides that awesome sunset shot. This one captures the important moments of this time spent in the great outdoors this week. Sisters caught in the act of bonding and enjoying just hanging out at the coolers chatting about who knows what? 🙂


Y’all have a great day! I’m off to look for adventure…and go hang out by that fire I hear crackling outside my tent. Sure hope its inside the fire pit. Ohhhh! Wonder if the fishermen have returned and are cooking up breakfast. LOL 🙂

I love fish tales….


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