Partnering for the Dance

danceWhat comes to mind when you are asked to partner with someone? Depending on who it is and what they want me to do it may make me either very happy or a bit agitated. I may be excited or even a little afraid.  There are some things I would prefer to do alone. I’ve always preferred jobs where I could do my work with little supervision. Tell me what you need done and point me in the general direction and I’ll do the rest. I like being trusted to take care of the job without a lot of hovering over me.

But there are times I dream of partnering with someone and the thought of it becoming a reality gives me hope for bigger things. There are people I admire in life who I dream of partnering with to do something together in the Kingdom. It would be so cool to be trusted to work with them. I’ve had that opportunity on a few occasions and it was awesome. Partnering with my best peeps in ministry has always been very fulfilling to me. Partnering with the people I hold up as spiritual giants would be incredible. I would feel honored and trusted.  I’m sure I’d also be a little scared.  What if I don’t measure up?  What if I fail them?  What if I don’t have what it takes?  What if they see something in me that I really can’t live up to?  What if I get in the middle of this thing and they leave me high and dry and I fall flat on my face?

What would happen if the God of the Universe asked you to partner with Him? What kind of honor would that be? How would you respond? What kind of emotion does that stir up in you when you consider such a possibility?  Would you be excited?  Would you be scared?  Would you feel honored?  Would you go for it or would you hesitate?

The truth is…He DOES want to partner with us.

I was reminded of that a few days ago when I mentioned a ministry to a friend of mine that I was excited about exploring.  I mentioned in the conversation that I was looking forward to the possibility of doing something FOR God that was bigger than me or anything I had ever done before.  Without any hesitation she reminded me that I wouldn’t be doing anything FOR Him…I would be doing it WITH Him.  Any ministry that I do in the Kingdom that He has given me to do is only possible in partnership WITH Him.  He is the power source!  He is the foundation!  He doesn’t NEED me, He chooses me.  He accomplishes His will in a given situation thru me not because of me.

I’d like to think that if I heard a direct word from God about a place of ministry WITH Him that I would jump on it.  I’d like to tell you that I always listen to His calling and desire to use me in His Kingdom.  I’d like to tell you that I always trust Him to follow thru on His side of things.  If I could tell you that then I would have a whole lot more spiritual fruit to show you.

The truth is…I get really excited about the IDEA of partnering with GOD…and then I get terrified.  Why on earth would I be terrified to partner with the Creator?  Why would my knees shake at the possibility of doing something for Him that He calls me to do?  He moves mountains.  He heals the sick.  He makes the lame to walk and the blind to see.  He sets the captive free.  Why would I tremble at the thought of following thru with HIM as my partner in ministry?

I have a few ideas…fear…pride…doubt…unbelief…YUCK!!!

I’ve also got a few other ideas…looking past what is right in front of me…looking for a bigger, better, grander calling…desiring something that He isn’t calling me to right now.

YUP!  Sometimes I think we miss partnering with God in the everyday things of life because we are looking right past the thing or person He places in front of us.  I think we are looking for some BIG adventure when all He wants is our life.  All He wants is an awareness of Him in the everyday situations and conversations with the people He places in our lives and along our path.  I think I’ve missed the “every day” opportunities that would flow out of who I am in Him and the “bigger” opportunities because I was too busy “looking” for something else.  And unfortunately I’ve missed them because of any one or combination of the yucky four above.

So…what do we do?  Do we throw in the towel and give up all together?  Do we say we missed it so that’s it…it’s all over?  Do we decide His calling must not be for us because we’ve proven we don’t really have what it takes?  We could do that, but I don’t want to.  I’ve seen what lives look like that have given up on the calling God had for them.  I’ve seen what it looks like when a person stops believing there is hope of being used by God for a greater purpose.  I don’t want one of those lives.  I don’t want to live a life just short of partnering with Jesus.

I want to be used by Him.  I want to work WITH Him.  I want to partner with Him in the Kingdom.  I want His power to flow thru me.  I want to live as His daughter and join Him in the Father/Daughter dance called life in the Kingdom.