How does it translate?

I’m curious…do all these people in all the countries that stop by to read my blog read English or do they have some fancy translator software? I wonder how my words and thoughts translate in another language? While I’ve been away someone from the Republic of Korea stopped by for a visit. Hmmm.

Actually, I’ve often wondered how what I say is translated from English to English. I’ve wondered if I am truly conveying my heart. I’ve wondered if it is interpreted the way I mean for it to be. I know for sure some of my words and thoughts are taken out of context and personalized to fit others impressions of me or of themselves. Sometimes to an end that was not intended.

Words truly are powerful…Words in context, out of context and every shade of gray in between. I suppose I can’t account for every possibility when I write these posts. I can’t account for every readers point of view or frame of reference or season of life.

Perhaps I should put a disclaimer in my blog…



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