It would have been greatness!

Oh man!  I had a really good blog post at about 2:00am.  That is when Hershey woke me up to go outside…the first time.  I laid there in bed trying to go back to sleep with a really good post running thru my head.  I really did nearly get up and post it….and then I fell asleep….and it is gone!  I can’t for the life of me even remember what the subject was.  I just remember it was good.  I’m sure it would have been the post that made me famous.  I’m sure it would have been the post that was heard around the world and helped me to fill up the remaining countries left untouched by my blog. 😉

But…for one more day…I will settle for a little known blogger…capturing bits of her personal ponderings for a handful of peeps to read and ponder along with her.  I’m having fun either way.  🙂  If I ever think of it I’ll be sure and point it out as the one that got away.  In the mean time I’m gonna go cook some dinner and see what other thoughts drift in between my ears that might help me draw in those international blog readers.  It really is cool when another country comes on board to see what this gal from Texas has to say.



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