Thankful Thursday: Trail Blazers!

Not long ago I posted an update on Facebook that said…Laurie Parker Wade is thankful people don’t all go thru the same season at the same time….the mountain top ones would be a blast but who would help pull us out of the valleys if we were all down there together.

Today I’m thankful for mixed up seasons of another sort.  Maybe it’s about seasons or maybe it’s about mile markers on the journey.  Or…maybe it is about those who go before us and forge a path we will one day find ourselves on.  Maybe I am thankful for people who go ahead of me and are able to speak something of value into my life because they have walked that way before.  Yes…that is what I am thankful for…Pioneers who blaze a trail.  Someone has to go first.  I have had a good number of pioneers in my life who have gone before me and offered guidance.  I have had people in my life who may not have walked the exact path I have been on, but their stories were similar enough that they had something of value to impart into my life and my journey.

I met one such person today.  A stranger whose journey was not the same but had enough similarities that she was able to provide wisdom and encouragement.

To all my friends…past, present and future…who live a life blazing trails…thank you for the ones you have blazed that have blessed me on my own journey.


One thought on “Thankful Thursday: Trail Blazers!

  1. Lisa says:

    That song slays me every time…

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