Stay Tuned…

What is it about lessons learned while driving around these days?  I’ve got a friend who regularly meets with God in her van.  Maybe He is in my van too?

The other day…well…every day when my teen gets in the van with me she starts changing the station on the radio.  Lately she has been in a habit of resetting the presets.  How many times do you need to set the presets?  Apparently they need to be in a certain order to make her happy…she hasn’t found that certain order yet.  I will be glad when she finds the perfect order…just hope it stays perfect.

When she isn’t setting and resetting the order of the stations, she is flipping between them.  I’m not sure I’ve been able to listen to a complete song with her in the front seat for a while now.  Yes…….drives….me….crazy!  We don’t have that trouble with the t.v., but I know many people complain about that habit in those they live with who control the remote and constantly switch between programs.

You know…I started thinking about that tendency to switch stations…to jump from one song to the next without finishing the one I’m on.  Then I was talking to a friend about some things I was thinking about.  Some things I was believing.  She reminded me I might not have my receiver tuned in the right direction.  It made me start thinking about how many different places I tune in and how often I switch “stations.”  I have some really good books started that I keep jumping between.  I have several favorite preachers I tune into on my podcast or c.d. for a quick fix on whatever subject I find myself drawn to on a given day.  I regularly set my music on shuffle so as not to get bored with one genre of music.  I talk to God about stuff and ask Him questions about stuff and then jump on to the next thing without hanging around that question long enough to actually receive His answer.  I tend to tune my ears to lots of different places searching for His answer for me without pausing nearly long enough to hear HIM.  I’ve got some great friends who hear from Him and I’ve even found myself tuning to them in hopes of hearing Him when He has already promised me that I can hear His voice for myself.  All I have to do is tune in…and stick around long enough to listen.  He may choose to answer me thru one of my books or a preacher or a friend.  He has said plenty of things to me through all of those avenues and I am grateful for each one, but I have found myself restless of late to hear directly from Him for myself.

Maybe I need to settle down, tune into Him and stop switching the channel…


One thought on “Stay Tuned…

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