Into the Light…without a GPS

No I didn’t get lost again.  In fact…I think I’m beginning to find my way around…without a GPS.  It’s a bit early to tell…how many days does it take to make a habit?  I’ve heard it only takes 3 to break one.  I have a few habits I’d like to make and a few I’d like to break.  Somehow that 3 day rule only applies to good habits you don’t want to break as far as I can tell….but I’ll keep on with my research in this topic and let you know what I discover.

In the mean time…

I’d like to get back to consistent DAILY blogging.  I’d like it to be consistently worth your time to read.  I’m shooting for uplifting, filled with life and light.  Those are the habits I want in my life.  Those are the words I want filling the space around me.  You can get plenty of the opposite on any channel you tune to on that box that is sitting in your living room.  Unfortunately you can get plenty of that just about anywhere you go these days.  I am hopeful to fill this space with words that will be a breath of fresh air to you.  Words that cause you to dig deeper into who you were made to be.  Words that cause you to ponder about life in a way that lifts you up.  In order to fill this blog with those things…I’ve got a few habits I need to develop…and a few to break.

I got to spend some time with a few people like that today…at least from the vantage point I had.  Sure, they are human and I’ve not spent loads of time with them, but something in their eyes tells me they have every intention of living out the things they say.  Something about their walk says they walk with the King of Kings more days than they stumble.  Their light-hearted spirit tells me it isn’t a chore for them to live this way…it’s a privilege!  Their intentionality tells me they mean business.  I want to have that look in my eyes and that swagger in my step.  I hope to have that kind of life so this space can be filled with those kinds of words.

See you peeps tomorrow…


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