Just another day in the driver’s seat!

Oh my word!!! Would someone please buy me a GPS? I need one that will talk to me and tell me how to get where I am going….even if I already know how to get where I am going. I used to think I didn’t go enough places to justify the cost of one. I am beginning to think I need one if I am going to back out of my drive way. Shoot! I may need one I can hang around my neck to get me from one room to the other.

This morning I kicked my Dad out of the driver’s seat so I could take him to the airport. He didn’t know how to get there and was going to attempt to drive and follow the map on his Ipad….simultaneously. Hey, he wasn’t going to text and drive because that would just be a bad idea. I KNEW how to get there…no problem. Uh, would someone please tell me when they did the construction that made the straight shot not so straight if you happen to be in the wrong lane? Thankfully Dad had his trusty Ipad to get us back on track. No….I didn’t let him keep it in front of my face as I was driving in major traffic…in construction…already a bit rattled…texting and driving would have been a safer bet. I got him to the airport on time and thankfully don’t have to go back to pick him up for a while…my nerves really do need to settle before I do that drive again.

Um…then I headed home…:D!

Who knew I lived North of the Airport? :/

After a little scenic drive I found my way home without the use of a map, a GPS or the trusty blue dot on my iPhone. Miracles really do still happen! The fact that I get anywhere I am going is 100% proof of that! No…I am not going to tell you where I went before making my way back home…just a leisurely Sunday morning drive.

All was not lost…maybe a little time…but that’s all good.

Here are some things about life I learned today as I was driving around:

  • Don’t be too cocky about knowing where you are headed…someone may have changed up the road.
  • Know which direction your destination is from your current location…just because you know the destination doesn’t mean you will get there if you go in the wrong direction.
  • When you discover you are lost be willing to take directions from someone else…even if that someone is the person you originally kicked out of the driver’s seat.
  • If you follow the signs you can always find your way back home if you just take a deep breath and relax.

Now…I wonder how much a good GPS would cost?


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