Am I the Horse or the Trainer…Depends on the Day!

Oh! This could be fun. It is Monday and I watched a movie. Could this be the start of Movie Monday? Maybe I’ll wait a few weeks and see if it sticks before I make it official. It would mean I need to start watching more movies. That could be fun.

I really didn’t realize what I was getting when I rented a couple of movies for the girls to watch for a sleepover this weekend out of the Redbox. I knew it was a movie about horses and thought it looked good. I didn’t read it that close. It turns out it was a documentary about a contest to tame a completely wild stallion in 100 days. The documentary was Wild Horse, Wild Ride and it was fantastic.

I don’t normally watch documentaries, but I was hooked on this one from the minute it started…the first…second…and third time.  Maybe I was hooked because, although it was about taming these wild horses, it also had a whole lot to say about personalities of people and how we approach anything in life that needs to be tamed.  Maybe I was hooked because of the rebellious streak I recognize in me on occasion and how it must look to God.  Maybe I was hooked because I am raising a teenager at the moment who has a very strong will…no comments from the peanut gallery that happens to know anything about her Mom or Dad at that age…or any other age.  Maybe I was hooked for all of those reasons.

This is one of those movies with so many life lessons I could watch it over and over just to see what else I could learn.  Here are just a few of the things that struck me as true about life in general as I watched these folks training these wild horses today:

“You get what you get…and you deal with what you got.”

“I’ve never done any of this stuff before…I’ve just been basing it on what I’ve read.”

“I expect instant gratification and you just don’t get it doing this.”

“If you think your gonna macho it…it’s gonna do the same to you.”

There were so many more lessons on trust and communication and territory that seemed to parallel human interactions and spiritual interactions that it would take me a really long time to list them all.

Each of the contestants did a really good job and in the event you decide to watch it for yourself I don’t want to spoil the winner for you.  I will tell you the main things I learned about effectively taming a wild horse…or any other wild thing you may need to tame:

Don’t be afraid

Take authority

Loosen up and have fun

Take time to develop trust

Believe you are going to succeed

So…if you have some time, head on down to the nearest Redbox and check it out for yourself…well not the one by me…I still have the movie checked out.  Justin and the girls watched it this evening and enjoyed it.  I don’t think they noticed everything I noticed…probably a good thing.  😉


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