Vicks Time Machine

vicksIt’s funny what can usher you back in time.  A picture…a song…a smell!  Today I was ushered back in time by the lovely smell of Vicks VapoRub.  I know that handsome fella of mine thought the fever must have done something to my brain when I opened the jar and closed my eyes and inhaled with a smile.  It’s not that I especially like the smell of Vicks, but I love the place the smell takes me to.  It takes me to my Grandmas farm.  Lots of smells take me there actually…bacon and eggs cooking in the early morning hours with a fresh pot of coffee always take me back to the farm.

No, my Grandmas farm didn’t smell like VapoRub, but she did use it for the cure for a cold on me at least once.  I don’t recall liking that as a child, but I do like the love and care my Grandma had for me that the smell reminds me of today.  I do like that I can close my eyes and inhale the smell and see the farm as if I was actually there.  I loved that place!  It was a great place to hang out as a kid.

I love that some things never change!  I was just a little girl when my Grandma took care of my cold with Vicks VapoRub.  So many remedies come and go over the years.  I’d really never considered that such an old remedy might help me today.  This morning a friend suggested it for the cold that was causing my face to pound.  In desperation, I sent my fella to the store.  So with Vicks VapoRub on my face and warm memories in my heart and visions of a beloved place in my mind, I got the best sleep I’d had in two days.

Now if I just had some of her cooking…


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