Hey! Fill in that Hole would ya?

My friend Vicky posted this video of her dogs playing yesterday.

She regularly posts pictures and videos of her pets, but this one made me laugh. It made me laugh because it is so typical of how so many humans act.

How many people do you know who go around “digging holes” and then insist on playing near them until they end up IN them?  This one wasn’t big enough to do any permanent damage to the dogs, but how many times do the holes we dig end up doing some pretty serious damage to us or those we subject to those little hazards we’ve made.  I know those little holes Toby has dug have been the source of plenty of discomfort for my friend who managed to step in one at night.  It didn’t do any permanent damage, but she felt plenty of pain just the same.  I’m sure at the time she wished she had filled in those holes prior to the need to inspect the ruckus out back in the dark.

The holes we dig for ourselves don’t have to be permanent hazards either.  Our Redeemer can come in and clean them out and fill them up and make the paths level again.  He can repair the damage we’ve done before we or someone around us gets hurt.

So…go play and have fun, but stay away from the open holes…and if you think of it…ask the Redeemer to help you fill those in…you might just save yourself or those around you from stepping in something that isn’t going to feel too good.  And seriously, none of us wants to play ball with you down there in your pit…it would be a lot more fun to spend time with you on solid ground…or me…you is me too!  🙂



4 thoughts on “Hey! Fill in that Hole would ya?

  1. Victoria says:

    You’re so cute, Laurie! Good analogy! My dogs are usually very proud of the holes they dig! Many times they dig them to lay down in them as the ground underneath is cooler. But once a hole is started the temptation to dig it deeper is so great…it’s a good place to hide all the treasures (like tennis balls). Then of course that means you have to lay next the the hole to guard your stash 😉 hmmmm….this is too early for ne to be thinking…need coffee now! 🙂

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