Working out in His Plan

weightI was so excited when I found out I was going to get to work out for $20 during the month of December at one of my favorite gyms, Transform U Fitness. I haven’t worked out in a group class at TUF in over 2 years. The day I found out I had a huge adrenaline rush. I was super excited and almost a bit giddy…for several days. The peeps that work out there are a lot of fun. They are super encouraging and positive. The trainers are the same way.

Monday rolled around and I was ready to go, but mom duty called and I had to take a girl with a pink, icky eye to the doctor instead. No problem. There is always another day.


Today was the day. UGH! Where did all that excitement go? Why did I pay my $20? Why had I boasted of this great idea on Facebook? Why did the warm weather have to give way to a much cooler morning? Why didn’t I get up and grab something light to eat when the girls left for school instead of waiting to think about that 30 minutes before my workout? What was I going to wear? Why does my hair have to look like this when I wake up? At least it was only $20. I think I’ll just stay home and skip the whole thing….


I put on my workout clothes, laced up my tennis shoes, filled up my water bottle, whined to my handsome fella…who reminded me I had spent the money and wasn’t going to die from this…and went to workout.


I remembered what I love about working out in that environment. The awesome trainer, the fun and encouraging people, the laughter and the tired muscles. Yes, the tired muscles. I had forgotten that I like the tired you feel after a workout. It is way different from the tired after a long day of sedentary tasks. It’s like your whole body knows something has just happened that is good for it. Something has just happened that is going to make it better and stronger. And when you finish a good workout and you didn’t actually die from it…bonus!

On the way home I was wondering how I could fit this into my budget for January because I know it will be good to workout for a month but the rate isn’t going to be discounted in January and I know that full price isn’t going to fit into the budget. Hmmm. Then God answered with a text…from my MIL. Out of the blue I was offered a job that would pay for my training and some other expenses I’ve been wondering about covering. Some extra things outside the budget that I’d like to do, but wasn’t sure how that was going to work. 🙂 My MIL has never asked me to come help her before…not in an official I’ll pay you kind of way. She didn’t know I was thinking about how to make this work. The handsome fella didn’t know I was thinking about how to make this work. He didn’t know she was going to call me and offer this opportunity.

Our family took a leap of faith last July. Among other things, we took a leap of faith with our finances. We have trusted Him to provide what we need when we need it. And without fail, He has provided not only for our needs but for some of our wants too. No, He hasn’t given it to us on a silver platter with our feet kicked up and our hands out…although He could. Sometimes He provides that way. He has given us increased opportunities for work at key times. He has said here it is if you are willing to do a little work.

It seems to me the faith journey is a lot like this whole workout thing. At least mine has been. I hit a mountain top. I get happy and giddy and on fire. He asks me to wait because He has something else I need to do first. Then He sets something I really want in front of me that is going to require a little effort, a little sweat and maybe even some pain and I balk. I start thinking about the cost and adding up all the excuses why it might not be a good idea. Then someone comes along and reminds me why it is a good idea, offers a little encouragement and sends me on the adventure….and I persevere and it is worth it…and I love it. And then God extends His hand and offers more if I am willing to work with Him.

Thank you Lord for the gift of provision for our needs and our wants. Thank you for increasing our faith and giving us a part to play in your grand design. Thank you for giving us work to do in your Kingdom that enriches out lives and those around us if only we will follow thru with you.


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