Ring, Ring…It’s time to move!

Today marks the 2nd year that I will participate in Advent. I don’t know all the official traditions that go along with Advent so I suppose I’m not “officially” participating. While I don’t know all of the history, I love the spirit of it. I love the increased focus it brings to the birth of Jesus. I love the increased focus it brings to the true meaning behind Christmas. I love the increased focus it brings in a season that could otherwise be all about the hustle and bustle.

This weekend the spiritual journeys of life were front and center in a number of places along my path. And what was interesting to me was that the focus seemed to be on the location in each instance. Or maybe it was on who was directing the journey… In one case the journey took someone to a new town. In another case it took them to a wilderness. In yet another…they ended up in a stable. All three got to their destination because of the working of the Holy Spirit who lead them and when necessary blocked their plans for a greater purpose. He led them to the location where their destiny would be fulfilled.

Paul was blocked and led to a different town and region to preach the gospel…

Joseph and Mary were led to Bethlehem and a stable to welcome the Son of God to the world…

Jesus was led to the wilderness to be tempted and strengthened in the power of the Spirit…

Each one had to leave their current surroundings in order to fulfill their calling. As I was typing this blog, it occurred to me that a great number of the heroes of the faith had to leave familiar surroundings in order to go where their calling and destiny would be fulfilled….Joseph, Moses, Abraham, Esther, the Apostles. None of these people got to stay in one place in order to fulfill their callings. None of them got to be stagnant. None of them were allowed to stay in their comfort zone. I guess Noah didn’t really have to venture too far to fulfill his calling…although…I wonder where all that boat traveled in that 40 days. It’s not like he had an anchor or a motor to keep it in one spot. But…he didn’t really have a home or familiar surroundings to go back to once the boat landed on dry land.

What about your journey? Where has God led you? What familiar places or things has He asked you to give up in order to follow Him? Does it give you hope knowing that change out of your control might just be a set up for the next thing God has planned in His design for your life? Does it give you hope that even if the change is out of your control God can use it to get you to the place you needed to be for this season in your life?

Thank you Lord for the gift of divine intervention!


One thought on “Ring, Ring…It’s time to move!

  1. Carol Smith says:

    I get it. I’m packing my bags as I read. 🙂

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