Hey Lucy…Wanna make a pie?

My step sister Michelle always brings a homemade chocolate pie to special family gatherings. This year…she brought the recipe and the ingredients and pie shells already cooked and ready to go. She decided it was my turn to learn how to make the pies. 🙂 

She told me to separate the eggs first so the whites could be warming up to room temperature. Ahhhh! No!!!! Not THAT!!! Not my worst nightmare relived! You see, I was once asked to separate the eggs by my SIL at an important family gathering on the Wade side. My first reaction then….panic…how do you separate an egg. EXPOSED!!!

Well yesterday I took a deep breath…may I have the egg separator…WHAT?…no egg separator? Okay…now what in the world am I gonna do. I’ve already been told how crucial this step is. The world will end BEFORE December 21st if I mess this up and get yolk in the egg whites.

Never fear…my trusty sidekick aka teacher aka sous chef had a plan…separate the eggs thru your fingers…and then she left…the room…and then the house…and then the whole entire block…she had the audacity to say I was responsible for the survival of mankind for a few more weeks and then left me for the task all alone.

Well…I couldn’t let down the whole world…much less those in my corner of it, so I separated the eggs…all 5 of them…well…4…someone else did one of them but she asked to remain anonymous. She waited to separate that one until I had used my fingers so she could let me know I didn’t actually have to use my fingers…thanks for that!



There you go 5 separated eggs…no commingling of yolks with the whites although I was harassed a bit for the amount of whites absconding with the yolks in the end. There were also no shell pieces mixed in which was also quite an accomplishment. The world is now safe until December 21st…as far as that depends on me and egg separating…the next Wade family gathering doesn’t occur until after the 21st so we are all safe.


With eggs separated and basking in the room temperature for a later time…I waited. It turns out the teacher had left the secret family recipe at home. What kind of sous chef had I been given for this first chocolate pie cooking adventure. Well, since I was having to measure out my own ingredients…um…we will just say we won’t be getting a cooking show together anytime soon.  (Hey wait!  Maybe I was the sous chef today!)



With all the ingredients measured and in place…hey it’s a secret recipe I couldn’t show you a picture of all the steps you might figure it out…it was time to begin the mixing and stirring and cooking.



Hey! Don’t judge! I was told I could not stop stirring and I had important business on that phone. You never multi-tasked while cooking a pie before?

Next the assembly and since the egg whites were still enjoying their room temperature bath we took a break to let the birthday girl open her present.




Back to the pies…they’ve been sitting awaiting their clothes…uh…meringue.


The sous chef actually made the meringue. I’ve put a request in to Santa Claus for this fancy mixer so I can make my very own meringue. I did stand by and pay very close attention so hopefully I will be just as successful.


I was instructed about the finer points of topping a pie with meringue and went to work. The photographer of this event had long since bored of her part in the adventure. The sous chef did the honors of placing the pies in the oven to bake the meringue.



And there you have it! Two scrumptious pies! And one cute little curly que.



Some peeps in the house were unwilling to wait for the pies to set up. This is what happens to a chocolate pie when you cut it before its cooled.


As you can see not much was left of it so it’s still scrumptious this way. You just need a bowl and a spoon. The second pie was saved from this fate and will be scarfed down with a fork later today!


Special thanks to the photographers of this event…Emily and Gracie Wade!  🙂


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