He did that? I bet He can do this!!

Last night I got to witness a celebration.  It was a celebration of hope and health and healing and freedom.  It was a celebration of what God has done and an anticipation of what He is doing and what He will do in the future.  It was a night of remembering and going back to the One who delivered and saying THANK YOU!  It was a night for building faith in the One who is able!!  It’s interesting how “seeing” another persons triumphs can build your own faith in the unseen.  Last night was a celebration of physical, emotional and spiritual healing of all kinds.  It was healing of the whole person that was on display last night…spirit, soul and body.  Those things haven’t ended!!  He really does want us whole!

I love the ways God works.  I love the ways He ties events and circumstances together.  I love the way He leads us on the journey of life.  I really do enjoy looking back and being able to “see” what He was doing and how He did it and how it all fit together.  I love that He gives us the ability to do that.  I love that He gave us a whole book so that we could see what He has been up to this whole time and what He wants to do for us and for those we love and for those we are just around in life whether we even know them or not.

I love the way He allows us to see the past and then points us forward and says…go…I got this…I had it before…I’ll have it again…see how I worked all that out…guess what…I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow…I don’t change…just keep moving…just keep seeking…just keep believing.

He placed a stranger in my path last night with words for my journey.  Words that she had been given on her journey once.  Words she had been given for a very similar season.  She is in a new season now.  He is doing a new work in her life.  But, in the midst of all the celebrating, He allowed me to see how another person triumphed to build my faith for the unseen in my own life.  He is SO good at that!!

Today another friend is anticipating the celebration of a dream for freedom of others.  It is just another example to me from God of how he takes our dreams and then puts all the people and circumstances and resources in place to meet our needs and those of others for a much bigger prize than we can really even see.  Freedom for our whole being!

So today…I am thankful for health and healing and freedom offered by the God who will stop at nothing to bring us healing on every level!!  I am thankful for the way He builds my faith and hope in the unseen by showing me things I can see and then pointing me forward.


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