Remembering Today

This morning I’ve been pondering about “today” as it fits on the journey of life.  I spend a good amount of time in my head on the past and the future.  I roll all my yesterdays around in my head.  And for the most part its the  good times that I ponder.  All the fond memories spent with friends making memories in various stages of life.  Maybe I do that because it’s what my Grandma said to me every time we would leave her house after a visit, “Always remember the good times.”  She’d say that as we were driving away in tears wishing we didn’t have to leave.  We loved going to Grandmas house and never wanted to leave…but life moves forward and you can’t stay at Grandma’s house and live life.

Grandma’s house was a part of life.  A very fond part of life, but we have those memories because we lived those “todays” when we were there.  I have the fond memories from all of my yesterdays because I lived the “todays” of the past.

When I am not pondering the past, I am dreaming of the future and what it will look like.  What will I be doing?  Who will I know?  What ministry will I be a part of?  What fun things will I find to do?  What vacation will we go on next?  What remodeling project will we FINALLY finish?  It’s fun to dream.  It’s fun to have goals.  It’s fun to have hope for the future.  But what about today?

Today I find myself in a place where I’m not making the memories that I will want to look back on and ponder with delight.  Today I find myself too involved in my past and the future in my head to live out the todays in a way that will make any lasting memories to look back on.  I’m not a part of making memories for me or for my family that any of us will remember with fondness.  Oh, I’m sure we will remember them….

In the past couple of days, I’ve heard stories of people whose lives ended suddenly.  I’m sure those people had memories of the past and dreams of the future and never knew they were living in the only future they would ever know this side of eternity.  Today I watch as my own children push to live a life beyond my walls.  I watch as they live their todays and move towards their futures that will go well beyond my borders.  Today I realize that I want fond memories of these years with them and know these days will too quickly become yesterdays that we will never get back.

I want to live the today that is in front of me.  My yesterdays are full of joy and happiness, sorrow and tears, but they are FULL.  My todays will turn into my yesterdays rapidly and I wish for them to be just as full!  My tomorrows will be my todays soon enough but I can’t get to them without moving thru the todays I have been given.  And my tomorrows will not be as full if I don’t LIVE my todays well.

Okay…off to fix a pot of bean soup so we can enjoy a meal TODAY…who knows…perhaps it will be memorable.



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