The First Race!

Emily had her first ever Cross Country meet yesterday.  It turned out to be a bit more entertaining than I had imagined it to be.  That happens when you have other moms to visit with on the side lines while the kids are running.  Cross Country moms are a funny bunch…or maybe standing around watching the grass grow just brings out the sarcastic in the lot of us.  Who knows.  I’ll know more about that if this new adventure continues.

Here is Emily before the race began with a few of her running peeps.

Here she is before the race was about to start.  Yes, she is the one with her back to the camera.  She did get turned around before the race began.  You do have to get all your socializing out of the way before you can run an effective race…don’t ya know!

Here is where the entertainment value of cross country moms played into the event.

And there she is as she finishes her first ever race.  Hey!  You never know.  This post may be a really big deal one day when she crosses the finish line of some well-known marathon.  It’s a big deal right now because she saw the pictures and didn’t delete them off my camera before I could post them!  😉

Congrats on running and finishing your first race Emily.  You did great!



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