Timing the Harvest!

As I was pondering what I could blog about today that would be joyful this picture showed up on my Facebook news feed.  My friend from college, Diane Scott, had painted it this afternoon as a reminder to herself of His perfect timing.  When I saw the picture it took my breath away.

At that moment all I could think about was the scripture where he counts all our tears, but it just didn’t seem to resonate with this painting when I looked it up.  It didn’t really say what my heart-felt when I first saw this painting.  So, I decided to do what all biblical scholars must do when searching for a verse…I googled it.  I googled “tears in scripture” and there it was, the perfect sentiment…at the perfect time.

Those who sow in tears

shall reap with shouts of joy!

Psalm 126:5

I don’t know what was going thru Diane’s heart at the time of the painting.  I know what has been going thru mine over the past weeks and months.  I know of the tears and the hope for a harvest to come.  I know of the reminders along the way of His perfect timing.  I know of the call to follow and trust HIM that He has made on my life and the life of my handsome fella.  I know of the hope for a harvest we will one day rejoice in!  I know how God speaks to me and He has done it once again!

Thank you Diane for allowing me to share your painting and a piece of your heart!  God’s timing is impeccable.  His timing in your painting of this picture is just a small example of His ways and His timing.  I pray God continues to turn your tears into shouts of joy and beauty beyond imagining!


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