God will be a broken record if He has to!

Today I am thankful for God’s messengers.  I am thankful for friends and preachers and teachers and prophets who hear from God and share the good news, the bad news, the encouragement and the cold hard truth.  I am thankful for all the ways they deliver the message because I am sure I would get bored with the same old thing.  I am thankful for the messages they deliver in their writing and their speaking.  I am thankful for the messages they deliver even in their moments of silence.

I am thankful that when God has something He really wants me to hear, He doesn’t relent.  He doesn’t stop.  He doesn’t limit himself to one messenger or one mode of communication.  I am thankful for His incredible timing and the way He works out every last detail to deliver His message straight to my heart.  I am thankful He doesn’t give up until He knows I have heard Him.

God has been sending me a message for a while now about trials and wilderness wandering and patience and endurance.  I may or may not be a bit stubborn… He has used so many forms of communication it is actually a bit humerous…Facebook, texting, sermons, bible classes, podcasts, songs, websites, books…I am pretty sure if I don’t get the point pretty soon, He is going to send an airplane to write it in the sky.  He did do that for a friend of mine…but that is her story to tell.  I’d need more than 10 fingers to count the number of people He has used to get His message to me.  Did I mention there is a slight possibility I might be stubborn?

A few weeks ago I was pouting about not being able to hear God….uh….could it be that I just wasn’t listening.  Could it be that I wasn’t paying attention because I was looking for Him to speak to me in a different way?  Good grief….how many others ways do I want Him to say the same thing to me?

Thank you Lord for your message and your messengers…I got it…I think!  😉

(Yes, that wink was for God…He gave me the ability to wink, surely He doesn’t care if I wink at Him?)



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