Friday Night Lights…Go Rebels, uh Jaguars!!

I grew up in Midland, Texas and graduated from Lee High School in 1986. Yes, high school football really was that big of a deal! It was a great time to be in high school. We had a great team and an even greater rivalry with the Permian Panthers. One of my favorite…and most terrifying…memories was a game at the new stadium. The highway to get to the stadium was marked with chalk drawings and sayings cheering our team and taunting theirs. It was great fun…until it started lightning. That is when it became terrifying. The entire stands emptied below into the space between the stands and the gates…which were closed. Yes, we were trapped for a bit in a space too small for the number of people who spilling out of the stands to escape the storm. It is not good when you are lifted off your feet and carried along by the crowd of panicked people. I still do not like to be in a crowded stadium during the hint of bad weather. I am thankful I was placed back on my feet and not my back. I could not tell you who won that game or if they were even able to finish it. I’ll just say we did and leave it at that! πŸ˜‰

Tonight we will go to our first football game since we have lived in the Flower Mound area….Mound Showdown…Flower Mound High School vs. Marcus Marauders. We’ve lived here over 15 years. I know this game is billed as a big deal. I don’t watch high school football closely enough to know what kind of game it will actually be. I’ve been told it is the place to be in Flower Mound tonight…given that both teams are from Flower Mound. I’m hoping the hype of Friday Night football of long ago is alive and well tonight. I’ve got friends on both sides of the football and am looking forward to a little friendly bantering during the game. I’ll have my phone charged just for that purpose. πŸ™‚ We just had to shout at each other across the field back in the day…

I thought I’d never be able to root for another team. I was sure that no matter who was playing…if it wasn’t the Lee Rebels…I’d have no desire to cheer for them. I still bleed maroon when the stadium lights turn on…I always will. But…tonight…it’s navy all the way!

GO JAGUARS…there I said it…I cheered for a cat…do you know how hard that is when your arch rival was a Panther…a Permian Panther…that is almost scarier than that night in the stormy stadium…uh…I’m gonna go check the weather…


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