Politics and Religion….I’ll Pass!

Politics and Religion…those two taboo subjects…yet they are all over Facebook right now.  I’ve tried to avoid any real conversation in the political realm this season.  I do have some opinions, but none that will change the political climate one way or the other.  They would only serve to create a space for arguments and discord and, frankly, I’m not interested in that.  Life creates enough space for those things without adding in something that I personally have zero control over.  I love talking about spiritual things with peeps that enjoy the same.  I love learning more about Him through my peeps, but the ones who teach me the most about Him don’t typically engage in religious discussions.  Somehow religious discussions never end with a greater awareness of who God is…at least none that I’ve ever been a part of.  They usually just point to differences and opinions and who thinks they have a better grasp of “the truth.”

We live in a country that professes separation of Church and State yet it seems that one or the other is always bowing down and compromising to the other to fit some agenda.  They want to remain separate until election time rolls around and then politics wants to use religion to buy votes and religion wants to use politics to create a platform for some agenda….and nothing ever changes….not really…not significantly.  No one’s life is transformed by it.

I read an article yesterday that touted one of the candidates as the hope for America…who is the hope for the earth.  Really?  I love this country.  I am happy to be an American, but that is an awfully tall order for one candidate and one country.  The hope of the earth?  Sounds a bit conceited to me.  Sounds like placing all of your eggs in one basket.   Sounds like misplaced faith.  I only know of One who is the hope for the earth and I’m pretty sure in the end He really isn’t concerned about how the “earth” comes out.  If I’m not mistaken, this earth doesn’t fair too well in the end.

I do want hope and change for the people of this world, I just don’t think you will find it on a ballot or sitting around discussing doctrine.  I am pretty sure He is doing much more important things right now like…oh…setting people free.


One thought on “Politics and Religion….I’ll Pass!

  1. Laurie Wade says:

    The day after I wrote the post, I came across Psalm 65! 🙂

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