He’s all mine for all my days!

We celebrated our 16th Anniversary today.  We’ve known each other a little over 17 years.  With the exception of a retreat here or there that required us to be apart or have our phones turned off, we’ve seen or talked to each other every day since the day we first met on September 2nd, 1995.  Did I ever mention how handsome he looked that day?  😉  Oh…probably so!

We watched our wedding video a while back and laughed at some of the promises we made to each other.  Some were actually a bit comical to me.  We meant every one of them at the time.  They are just a bit outdated in the reality that we live in at the moment.  I think they were comical to me because they were very idealistic in the realities of life 16 years into marriage.  I never understood renewing wedding vows, but I can so see it now.  I still promise him as long as I live!  That I will never change!

16 years has had its ups and downs.  We’ve been thru good and bad times together.  We’ve loved each other well at times and disappointed at times…it happens…and will happen again.  We’ve loved each other thru the loss of pregnancy and the thrill of two healthy baby girls.  We’ve been thru seasons of the blessing of employment and lack…though thankfully only for a short season.  We’ve known health and the scare of the unknown of a cancer diagnosis and have thrived thru it all.  We are currently in a season of life that if full of unknowns.  God has asked us to stick together in every season.  We will navigate this one together just like all of the other ones.

I waited what seemed like forever for God to bring Justin into my life.  I waited and asked for God to bring me perfect for me.  God did just that when He sent me Justin.  God knew the challenges life would throw our way.  He knows each of us and what we need to make our lives on this earth complete.  He knew ahead of time how we would each be used in the plans God has to make our lives in HIM complete.  He knows how our strengths and weaknesses will work to shape and mold each of us into more of who He has us to be as individuals and as a couple.  He knows the timing of our journey and the new things He is revealing in each of us on this journey towards the ultimate prize.  I love that He gave me Justin to do life on the earth and in the Kingdom with!!

We had this song sung at our wedding.  We talked thru the whole thing.  I have no idea what we were talking about.  I know we weren’t listening to the song in that moment.  I know I was chomping at the bit for them to hurry up and get to the “you may kiss your bride” part.  I couldn’t wait to hear my new last name!

I love you Justin Miller Wade!  Happy Anniversary!  You have all my days!!


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