Music Monday: The Lord’s Prayer in Living Color

I sat down to write this post knowing what I wanted to write about, but not sure how to put it into words.  We are in a series on The Lord’s Prayer that is really no big revelation, but it’s simplicity seems to be hammering some things home for me.  The Spirit is using it in a big way to speak to me right now.  He is pointing out such simple and logical things, but things that are so easy to miss in the reciting of such a well-known prayer…at least for me.  Some days I really think He is using this season to take me back to some basics that I just need to be reminded of.  Simple things that make a BIG difference in Kingdom living.  It has occurred to me that He has been using this prayer for a while now to get some things across to me.

Two points were made this weekend about The Lord’s Prayer and God’s nature.  One was that it begins and ends with PRAISE.  The other was that God wants us to ASK HIM.  These aren’t really big revelations…but their implications…HUGE!  They must be huge because as I sat down to write this post a light bulb went off.  You see…God has been telling me this for oh…several years now.  Probably much longer than that, but relentlessly in recent years.  It almost made me laugh when I realized it literally during this post.  I’ve got a couple of friends who have been speaking into my life for several years now.  God placed them in my life for the sole purpose of spiritual mentoring…at least that is what it looks like from where I sit.  He is very likely to use them at crucial moments to say something to me and they may or may not even know they have been used by Him.  They have both become very predictable in their response to my pondering and…Uh Hmmm…fretting.  One almost always tells me to get into a place of PRAISE and Worship.  The other almost always tells me to ASK HIM.  Put those together and you’ve got the Lord’s prayer in a nutshell.  Funny how God’s been pointing that out to me…:)

I’ve written about the Lord’s Prayer before.  A post about it being the result of the only thing recorded that the disciples ever asked Jesus to teach them.  I’ve had a lot of questions for HIm lately.  Some days I ask Him more than others.  Some days I remember to Ask Him more than others.  Some days I praise Him and some days I don’t.  I can tell you the days I choose to praise instead of fret are much better days.  I can tell you the days I ask Him stuff with a heart to hear are much better days.  Anytime I get to worship Him in song with my heart, my whole being relaxes.  My fears and anxieties flee even if just in that moment.

Thank you Lord for teaching me how to pray.  Thank you for teaching me through your written word and through the words you have been placing on others hearts to share.  Thank you for showing me this path to peace.  Thank you for bringing your words back to life.


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