Making Markers

Yesterday I mentioned historical markers on our journeys in passing, but I didn’t stop thinking about them and a conversation I recently had with a dear friend. I’ve never been a huge history buff, so I’m not prone to stop and read the historical markers that I pass on my way to my destination. I do, however, tend to focus on historical markers in my own life and sometimes become fixated on them. I especially like to stop by and read the ones that make me smile. Sometimes I get so caught up in looking at the historical markers that I forget there is life to be living today that will create new markers that will be fond memories in my future. I get so caught up in the happiness of those moments that I forget there are plenty more where those came from if I will just look up and take hold of them and live them.

Sometimes we get caught up in the past and forget to give ourselves permission to move into our futures. We fear forgetting the people and places that brought us to today. We fear that somehow living out our todays and tomorrows will dishonor the ones we’ve left behind. What if that is a big fat lie? What if living your best life in the today and tomorrow and creating new markers is actually the very best way to honor the ones who have spoken life into and invested in who you have become? What if seeing you soar is really all they ever wanted for you in the first place? Don’t you owe that to them? Don’t you owe that to the One who made all those historical markers a part of your past? Don’t you owe it to Him to keep moving forward into the abundant life He has promised you?

I’ll hang onto my historic markers because like I said yesterday there are still things He is doing with those in my life that aren’t yet complete. There are still people in my life who were a special part in those memories. BUT, I won’t miss out on the new markers He has for me. It’s way too fun having them to risk missing one.


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