Watching the Journeys Unfold


Tonight I’m sitting here in my car pondering intersecting, intertwining spiritual journeys. How does God ever keep up with all of us? That is some massive super highway. Just think about all the twists and turns and construction signs and varying speeds and detours just one persons journey takes them thru. Then throw in your family and circle of friends and imagine all the places they’ve been on their journeys and all the ways your paths have crossed….and parted. And that is just one small little circle…depending on the size of your Facebook friend list….of course.

I ponder journey a lot these days. I ponder it because of the new path I am on. I ponder it because of the ways that new path has affected every single person I know. Some have been affected more than others, but we are all affected to one degree or another by the choices of those around us.

I ponder journey because I have children and I wonder where their journeys toward God will take them and what they will look like and what my role in that will be when it is all said and done. I ponder it because God entrusted these two human beings into my care and I don’t want to let Him or them down at the end of the day. I ponder it because I know their journeys have eternal consequences and I have been given a part to play in that.

This weekend I’ve been thinking a whole lot about E’s journey because she has been on a retreat this weekend designed to show her God’s love for her. My part to play…get her there…provide her the opportunity…encourage her to participate…rally the praying peeps to war in prayer for her…war in prayer for her myself.

The retreat is over. She had fun. She made some connections. Seeds were planted. This tiny piece of her journey is complete…or is it? When seeds are planted which have yet to bear a plant, much less fruit, aren’t we still tied to that place in the journey…that historical marker? And what is my role to play now? Do I work the soil? Do I water the seed? Do I make sure the pot it was planted in continues to get the correct amount of Sonlight? Or do I simply trust the One in charge of all the crops and all the pathways and leave the harvest up to Him?

A friend prayed that I would have peace about E’s journey. I think it worked. I do. Did the retreat go exactly as I anticipated? No. Was it my job to anticipate how God would use it for His will in E’s journey that He can see and I can’t? No. Is it my job to second guess anything at all about her journey or anyone else’s? No. Have I entrusted her back to the One who blessed my life with her? Yes.

May the God of journeys and the harvest continue to bless my family and friends as each one moves along their path carrying the seeds that have been planted for just the right time in the future. And may He allow me to see signs of His abundance in each of their lives because that is where the fun begins.



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