Designing bras with your Mom and Dad…REALLY?

I am all for a good cause!  I am all for raising awareness around a subject that needs attention and funding.  I’d say Breast Cancer Awareness is a great cause deserving of attention and funding.  And, since the most obvious garment associated with the breast is a bra, I can see how the attached event was imagined and came into being.  Hey, it could be fun!  A bit tacky, but hey, looks like there are some very creative designs.

So, what does this event have to do with Middle School?  Well, it is being advertised in the Middle School PTA Newsletter at my child’s school.

“Spread the word!  We need bras!  Come up with a catchy name or idea. Do it with your department,  do it with your family,  do it with a friend, do it yourself,  just do it!  It’s a lot of fun and you never know, your bra might be on TV.”  

I haven’t actually been to the school to see if it is being advertised in the hallways there or to the kids, but it IS in the PTA Newsletter.  I really hope it is limited to the Newsletter.

Seriously!  Do we want our Middle School boys and girls designing bras?  Is this really the best “family” activity we can think of?


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