A few sound bites!


I’m back from an incredible weekend and have absolutely no idea where to start in sharing this weekend with you.  I have pages and pages of notes.  I have thought after thought running thru my head.  I already know I am going to have to get a copy of this weekend’s message as soon as it is available for purchase.  There is no way I caught it all the first time around and what I caught was so good I don’t want to miss whatever else was in there.  I can tell you before I share anything else that God is good.  I can tell you that He was faithful to provide me this opportunity this weekend during this season of my life.  I can tell you that He had every message this weekend tailor-made for me.  I can tell you that Graham is a very gifted teacher who loves God and God’s people and those who don’t yet know Him.  I can tell you that if you have never listened to Graham Cooke or read any of his books, you are missing out on some great stuff.

Since I went into this weekend by giving you a few of my favorite Graham Cooke quotes I think I’ll end it that way by giving you have few of my favorite quotes from this weekend.  There will be plenty of time for me to share my personal pondering.

“If all your thinking has brought you to a place you don’t want to be…have another thought.”

“God doesn’t mind us stumbling around.  He wants us stumbling towards Him.  He is happy He gets to train us to be like him.”

“If your best friend is a lion it doesn’t matter if you are surrounded by wolves.”

“Your DNA is beautiful…make sure your mouth matches it.”

Okay…that is enough for now…I’d hate to use them all up in one blog post.





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