What is He up to?: Speaking thru a chicken!

Okay, I’ve been learning a lot in this season God has me in.  I’ve been learning things about Him and me and my relationship with Him.  Some of them have been a breath of fresh air.  Some of them have been revelation about some things He is working on in me that He needed me in this place in order for me to hear.  I truly believe there was no other way I would have heard them, or not in the timing that He needed me to hear them.  I’ve decided that I better start getting some of these things in writing somewhere so I don’t forget them.  I think it will be important to have them in black and white for the days I find myself in the gray zones of life with the blinders on.  It will be good to have some reminders of what He has up his sleeves.

So, the first of many…What is He up to? posts…

I have a confession to make…I am tempted to fret on occasion.  It may be one of the enemies favorite things to get me to do.  He would much rather see me fretting instead of hoping and trusting and believing.  I think he knows I serve a God who takes care of His kids.  I think He knows God is going to fulfill every promise He ever made.  I’m pretty sure the only thing he can do about it is steal the joy and peace we could enjoy in the process of trusting and believing God for those promises.

Today I was falling for it…again…

I was fretting over one of the things in life that I’m fairly certain most people find themselves fretting about from time to time…the budget.  That accounting of inflows and outflows.  I’m learning to be a better steward of the blessings that God has given us during this season.  I’m learning to trust His provision.  Today I couldn’t see it…so I started heading down that fretting path…because it always changes the circumstances when you fret.  **raised eyebrows**  Along that path, I was encouraged to give it to Him.  I was encouraged that He has a way of making what just doesn’t appear to work on paper…work.  I was encouraged not to fret about the budget and just ask Him.  So, I decided that would be a better option than the fretting path I was about to embark on.  I stopped…well…actually…I was driving…I think He doesn’t mind if we do two things at once…I prayed and asked Him to take care of it.  I told Him I was giving this budget to Him and was going to trust Him with it.

Then I went to the store to grab a couple of things for dinner…

I have company so I needed a couple of rotisserie chickens.  I grabbed the two that looked the biggest and freshest and headed to grab some potato salad.  As I was walking by the deli, the deli lady came out from behind the counter and asked if I would like a discount sticker for my chicken.  She went back behind the counter and grabbed two stickers and placed them on the bar code on my chicken.  Just like that my chicken was $1.99 each.  I almost LOL’d right there in the store.  That was a REALLY quick answer from a God who wanted to make sure I knew He was really going to answer my prayer.  He wasted no time in letting me know!  Little did I know that said chicken was $7.99 today.  That was $12 that God let me hang onto tonight!  🙂

He could have chosen any number of ways to confirm He heard me and is watching over me.  I love that he chose to speak thru a bird with no head.  🙂  Thank you Lord for the $1.99 chicken…it was scrumptious!!


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