The paths have merged


Today marked the official end to one journey and beginning of another.  I’ve had a foot on two paths for a couple of months now but the paths have merged and I am now firmly planted on the new one.  I said goodbye to a job I have loved and hated and laughed and cried in.  I say goodbye to daily interactions with some of the best people on the planet.  This was more than a job for me…it was a ministry.  These people were more than my coworkers…they have become some of my best friends.  They may no longer be coworkers, but they will remain forever friends and family!!  I will miss the daily interactions with these people!  I will miss it like crazy!!

I pray that God continues to shine down His love and blessings on each one of these peeps.  I pray He continues to bless them and their ministry to each other, to Garden Ridge and to all the peeps they each come in contact with in their lives.  I pray He continues to lead each one of them into the calling He has for them both at Garden Ridge and beyond.  I pray they are each filled with an extra measure of his love and peace and joy.  And I thank God for all the ways He blessed my life through this job and those peeps.

The good news is…I know where they work…I know how to gain access to the building…I know there happens to be an empty chair just waiting to be sat in!!  I know they don’t mind being distracted from their work when a visitor shows up!  Now…if I could just figure out how to do that every day…



One thought on “The paths have merged

  1. Philip Nichols says:

    You wrote so well a description of the great relationship we have in the office here. God has blessed us all. May He continue to do that in you and your family’s life in Him. thanks for the years and the memories. Our chairs are always empty for you.

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