Perfect Choice!

Who knew 17 years ago that tonight I’d be sitting here in this navy recliner blogging about that handsome fella that showed up on my doorstep wearing those starched wranglers and that white starched shirt looking all…well…HOT! It was actually 17 years ago yesterday but the date was September 2nd. I’d waited what seemed like a REALLY long time for that fella to show up…like all my life! That was 1995 and we were happily married a year later…and 5 years later…and 10 years later…and almost 16 years later. Yup! They have all been happy years!

I’m really glad he took the chance and joined that dating service. I’m REALLY glad he agreed to go on just one more date thru the service. He was everything I’d hoped and prayed for…and still is! We watched our wedding video a couple of weeks ago and laughed at those nervous peeps who were giving their lives to each other. I know what makes people redo their wedding vows. I do not remember agreeing to some of those things in there….;)

I’d tell the fella thanks for picking me but I picked him….lucky fella! šŸ™‚



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