Invitation Only

Earlier this week I became involved in a discussion about Facebook and the amount of information one is privy to in their friends lives. This specific discussion centered on the ability to see things that friends and their friends like. One person indicated they would be more careful about what they like from now on. My question is why? Why would it matter if your friends know what you like? One person indicated they felt obligated to say something if their friend liked something they disagreed with. Why? What makes a person the authority over their friends likes and dislikes? Oh sure, I guess if my friends indicated they were fans of crack cocaine I might speak up and try to intervene on their behalf. I would feel a bit obligated to try to help.

Yes, this pondering led me to more questions about my own desires and need to try to intervene in my friends and families lives. What if that isn’t my job? What if I haven’t been invited to give input? I may think I have some really good advice but if I haven’t been invited to give it, maybe I’m meddling in something that isn’t mine to be meddling in. Maybe I’m meddling in something I don’t really know all of the details about. Maybe I’m meddling into something God is doing and very capable of handling without my intervention.

God has invited me to be a part of plenty of things He has going on in his Kingdom. Maybe I should start focusing on those invitations and stop trying to crash the party in things I haven’t been invited to. I wonder how much more relaxing and peaceful life would be if we all did that. I wonder how much faster God would get things worked out in people’s lives if we all just accepted the invitations He has given us and left the rest in His hands.

I think I’ll go ponder some of the invitations He has given me that I need to respond to….and make sure I don’t have any friends who like crack.


3 thoughts on “Invitation Only

  1. Joann says:

    Excellent!! I mean wow!!

  2. Over the past few years when I feel the urge to correct or infor or offer advice I hear a little voice in the back of my head whisper “Who asked you?” That little voice shut me down for a long while but then I started really answering it. If the answer was “No one.” I kept to myself and considered what I thought I needed to interject. But if the answer was “I DID” with a clear direction from above I would speak up.

    I wish I could tell you I’ve been 100% faithful to this observation but too often I am busy speaking before the little voice has a chance to be heard. I am getting better. 🙂

    • Laurie Wade says:

      Yup! The I DID coming from Him would definitely fall in the invitation category. I think too many times it seems easier to plow head long into something without waiting around for Him. I’ve gotten into a good many pickles saying something that “seemed” right or appropriate to say.

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