It’s still the same book

I’ve been thinking about the verse, “Jesus Wept”, quite a bit this week. I’ve shared my thoughts on it with a few of my friends, but wanted to expand on those thoughts here. I have always been a bit baffled at this verse. I have always wondered why He was so upset when He knew the ending. Why did Jesus weep when he knew he was about to raise Lazarus from the dead and there would be no need for the tears. I think He cried because he saw his friends hearts breaking. He loved these people and he couldn’t help but be moved by their pain even though he knew what was ahead.

I’ve cried many tears this past week. I’ve cried tears as I get ready to turn the page of my book to a new chapter. I’ve cried because turning that page means leaving a chapter in life that has been full of richness. So why would I turn the page? I am not turning it because I am mad or disappointed. I am turning it because God has asked me to. He has something going on in the upcoming chapter that He needs me there for more than He needs me to stay in the one I’m in. I’m turning it because I trust Him to write my story.

I am thankful to God that moving into a new chapter in a book does not mean leaving the book. Each chapter builds on the next to make up the whole. I am thankful that many characters remain the same throughout the book. I am thankful that some characters get to be a part of more than one chapter. I have friends that will remain a part of the upcoming chapter although the dynamics are sure to change. That happens with the introduction of new people, places and things in a new chapter. I am thankful to live in the era of Facebook where it is possible to keep up with the lives of so many people from the previous chapters in my book, but I know connecting through Facebook is not the same as living out the details of the chapter. I am thankful that the new chapter does not move me away from the people in the current chapter.

God has written a very rich story in the life he has given me. He has been faithful in each chapter of my life to prepare me for the next one. He has been faithful to allow me to share parts of the chapters with common characters who weave in and out of the story. I have no doubt He will continue to provide the characters needed in the upcoming chapter. I am thankful He is allowing me to turn the page knowing that some of my favorite characters are cheering me on and standing by for their part to play as He fills in the blank pages.

The last pages of this chapter are tear-stained. They are stained because of the love and joy I have felt in the chapter. They are stained because I can see the story that has unfolded and love it dearly. They are stained because I have not grown to a place where I am able to fully embrace an empty page that is yet to be written. They are stained because I still have room to grow in my trust in the ONE who is writing my story. But, I will turn the page because to remain in the current chapter means I am not answering His call to turn the page and walk in obedience to the Author of my book. He will write a much better book than I could even dare to dream.

Thank you Jesus for showing me a glimpse of your heart for your friends. Please bless my friends the way you blessed yours. Please bring their dreams to life and write a story they will forever praise you for!


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