I said WALK not HUNT

I joined this cool FB group called The Jogging Photographer. I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I’m not sure about the name though. Today I was more of a Pulled Picture Taker. Hershey must have thought I said we were joining a Hunting Club. I sure hope we get this all straightened out. I REALLY hope no one was near me that had joined the Funny Videos group and was out hunting for footage.

Today was my first day to actively participate in the group. I fulfilled the first challenge which was to go 1 mile and post a picture taken on the journey. It didn’t matter if you walked, jogged, biked just as long as you went a mile and snapped a photo. Goal #1 is in the books!

I could stop there and be finished with the challenge, but I thought I’d put in a little extra effort and give you a blog post to go with the completion of the first goal. It was more of an adventure than one or two snapshots could really tell. Okay, perhaps if I had taken a picture of the mishap on the sidewalk that would have said a thousand words but not the right ones. :/

The first four pictures give you an idea of where Hershey’s mind was on this “walk”.  She was in full-out hunting mode.  She wasn’t really being too picky about what she wanted to hunt.  She hunted rabbits, squirrels, locusts, leaves and shadows to name just a few.  She tends to forget that she has me attached to her when she spots her prey.  As you can see she is even in hunting mode when she is sitting nicely.  Don’t let that fool you.  She can pull just has hard and fast from sitting as she can from standing and she forgets she is supposed to be sitting if said prey is spotted…or the wind moves a blade of grass.

Today’s hunting adventure was a bit more of a challenge since I also took Goldie and the iPhone to snap a few pictures.  Goldie hates having her pictures taken, so she didn’t make any of the pictures.  She did, however, help create a few embarrassing moments along the way.  Why is it that there is ALWAYS a car driving by when you find yourself tied up by the leashes of two dogs going in opposite directions after whatever has caught their eyes?  Why is it that one of those dogs decides to leave a “package” in the middle of the sidewalk while they have you tied up AND a car is driving by?  Why is it they decide to leave said package when their owner has committed the cardinal dog walking sin and left the poopy bags at the house?





Well at least I met the first goal and discovered the reason my chiropractor has to put my humerus and elbows back in their proper places EVERY time I go see him.  And who could be mad at this smiling face?  Doesn’t she look like a happy hunter?  🙂  I just hope she will do a little less hunting and a little more walking next time!



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