Following Instructions…Step by Step

He has been at it again!  Apparently God needs me camped in Nehemiah right now.  It started yesterday in some cds I’d been given to listen to by a friend.  The lessons were primarily out of Nehemiah.  They resonated with me enough that I decided to read the book for myself just to see what God might have for me in there.  This morning we’ve been relaxing and just spending some time cleaning up and getting things back in order after our vacation.  I decided to sit down and check in on a live sermon broadcast at Gateway.  The series they are on is about Heros of the bible.  The preacher had chosen Nehemiah for his sermon topic today.  Unfortunately I was not able to listen at that time.  Too many things kept interrupting the time.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t God interrupting the time so when it comes back on at 12:30pm, I’ll be locking myself in my room to see what God has in that sermon for me.  Since I wasn’t able to sit and listen, I decided I’d clean the kitchen and listen to a podcast I had downloaded a while back that I hadn’t ever gotten around to listening to.  This one was by Banning Liebscher called The Process.  Since God has me smack dab in the middle of something that I can’t actually see all the steps to, I thought this might be a good one to listen to.  You guessed it!  Nehemiah was the central message.  Okay God, I hear you!

I haven’t blogged the past few days for a number of reasons.  I’ve been on vacation and haven’t had a lot of extra time to blog.  I’ve had a lot on my mind that I haven’t wanted to share on here and since most of my blogging is stuff I am pondering there hasn’t been anything to say.  These things on my mind are consuming me at the moment.  And truthfully, they are consuming me because I am being called to action by God.  I am being called to trust Him in ways I haven’t ever fully embraced before now.  I am being called to step out in faith without really knowing what is going to happen or what the next steps beyond the one in front of me are going to look like.  I am being called to exercise my faith in a real and tangible way like He has never asked of me before.  I know that He is with me.  I know He is going before me.  I know He knows where and what He is leading me into.  I know He knows the next steps.  I just don’t know them.  BIG SIGH!!!!!

I’ve been encouraged to Seek His Face.  I’ve been encouraged to just take the step He has laid out in front of me and trust Him with all of the unknowns.  I’ve been encouraged to stop trying to control all the outcomes and just follow Him.  I’ve been encouraged to find scripture I can stand on during this season and stand on it until it becomes so engrained that it is just a part of who I am. 

I’ve been searching for those scriptures.  I’ve been searching for answers.  I’ve been asking Him what He wants from me in this season.  I’ve been asking Him to lead me into the next part of my journey with Him.  I’ve felt for a while now that the only place I can go is off a cliff.  There is no longer a right or left.  There is no longer any place to go but forward.  I’ve spent a good deal of time looking for another way, but there just isn’t one.  I suppose I could stand here on this cliff for a while longer, but it doesn’t feel like that is what He wants from me.  He doesn’t want me on a fence or a cliff.  He wants me to step off into the unknown and trust Him to catch me.  He did give me a bit of comfort and remind me that it could be worse.  I could be backed into a corner with nowhere to go.  He hasn’t done that to me.  He has shown me there is hope over the cliff.  There is something beyond the cliff that He has for me.  He just wants me to trust Him to jump.

What does that have to do with Nehemiah?  I don’t know.  I think He may have quite a few lessons in it that He needs me to learn in the jumping off.  I’m pretty sure they will be making their way onto this blog in one way or another.

This morning as I was searching for “life” scriptures to center me in Him I came across Jeremiah 29:11:

“For I know the plans I have for you”, says the Lord,

“They are plans for good and not  for disaster,

to give you a future and a hope.”

I  immediately thought of Matthew 6:34

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries.

Today’s trouble is enough for today.

Then as I’m listening to the sermon on process, I am reminded to “build what is in front of you”.  The text came out of Nehemiah 3 where each group built the piece of wall that was directly in front of them.  I’ve been on a journey the past few years of laying down anything that hasn’t been something I’ve felt called by God to do.  I’ve been in a search for more of Him and more of the things He has for me to do.  It has created a longing in my heart for more and bigger things to be a part of.  It has created in me the desire to be a part of a bigger story.  The truth is, we are all part of a MUCH bigger story.  All any of us can do is the part that is directly in front of us.  That is all God has called us to do.  He has given each of us an important part to play in the life He has given us.  He has things for each of us to do in His Kingdom.  He knows what those things are in each of our lives.  He knows ahead of time how we will get from point A to point B.  He knows what it will take in each of our lives to move us from Glory to Glory as He has promised.  He knows how our paths will merge and intersect.  He knows who and what we will need in our lives to move us along the path He has made for us.  He knows who I will need and who will need me.

Today I have been reminded to trust He has great plans for me.  Today I have been reminded to live in the day He has given me to live.  I have been reminded to build the wall He has directly in front of me.  And that wall directly in front of me is the family under my roof.  I long for more of Him.  I long to do great works in His Kingdom.  What greater work could He have than for me to see those I spend the most time with growing in who He has for them to be?  I tend to spend hours longing to bless the people in my life, but not always the ones right in front of me.  I want to be a part of something being built.  I want to be a part of building things for Him that will last.  He has blessed me with being a part of some great works of His.  Today He is reminding me to take care of what is right in front of me because by doing that He is bringing us all into a closer relationship with Him.  He has me in a very important place in His Kingdom.  The part of it that is right in front of me.


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