Music Monday: Lost in an Ocean of Thought

We brought the laptop on the trip just in case we had access to free wi-fi and we do.  This is the first time I have gotten it out and may be the last for the trip unless I decide to post other videos on here.  I am kicking myself for forgetting the camera cord so that I could upload pictures from my camera.  Those will have to wait until we get home.

This week I’m hoping to spend a good deal of time out on the beach with God in the mornings before the family is up and at em.  I’m praying to receive strength and courage and refreshing that only He is able to give me.  I’m praying the change in scenery for me will provide a great setting to meet with Him. 

It just wouldn’t be Music Monday if I didn’t share some tunes that have especially struck me the past couple of days as I reflect on life here, back home and out on the Ocean.


The week is not close to over. We still have many adventures yet to go. Much fun to be had. People to see, place to go, things to do. There will likely be other songs come across on the shuffled iPod that strike me. Today, these are the ones that will guide my thoughts and my heart into His!


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