What’s out there?

I’m not sure if you would call this the 2nd or 3rd day of vacation. It is the first day settled into our vacation spot for the week. It’s by no means our first day of fun. Getting to camp out at the Sparky house for an evening, enjoy good food and great conversation is my idea of fun. I love those Sparky peeps.

Today was our first day just to sleep in, relax and hang out at the beach as a family. It has been relaxing. Walks on the beach, picnics, boogie boarding, frisbee in the waves and a little sand in the suit. Who could ask for a better day?

As I write this I’m sitting in a beach chair under an umbrella listening to some good tunes and glancing up on occasion to watch the handsome fella and the girls playing in the ocean. I love the sight of that.

The weather has been just right. There is plenty of breeze to keep us cool and kick up the water enough for the boogie boarder and wave jumper in the family.

I’ve been a bit lost in my thoughts today as I look out on the ocean watching the waves and seagulls. As I sit here able to see where the water and sky meet on the horizon I feel a longing to know what is out there in the distance. The water directly in front of me is churning. The water as far as I can see is choppy. It is safe here on the shore. But there is a longing to know what lies out there. There is a longing to jump in and see how far out I can go before my feet no longer touch the bottom. I’ve ventured that far out in the water today. Far enough to strike a bit of respect for the large body of water and the waves. It was fun!!

Makes me wonder how far from the shore I’d be willing to go with Him. Would I be willing to get far enough out that all I could do was reach up for His hand to save me? Far enough that my feet couldn’t touch the ground? Looks to me like getting past the first break might be the hardest.



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