Just a few things…

I really have several things I could write about tonight and nothing much at all.  Since I don’t want to bore anyone with my whining…except anyone who will listen…I’ll just list a few of the topics I could have written about tonight that are scrolling thru my head.  It feels much like one of those big wheels that has a bunch of categories on it.  You spin it and wait to see where it lands.  The only problem tonight is it won’t land and even if it did it might not be that much fun to write or read. 

Here goes…in no particular order of importance…



Apple Juice

Olive Oil



Pet Dander


Loft Sessions


Suit cases

To Do Lists

Books, books and more books

This isn’t even a complete list.  This is just the stuff that came to the surface first.  I guess I better go see if there is anything that needs to be done about any of that.


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