Happy Father’s Day – Part 1

This is my dad.  Yes, I have two handsome fellas in my life.  (You can pay me later for that one Dad!)  I don’t know what happens to girls whose Papa and dad both have obvious hair follicle issues, but hopefully that gene doesn’t pass along to the girls.  When I was a little girl in Y Indian Princess, we had to give our dad’s their Indian name.  Yep!  I named my dad Bald Eagle.  I know he was very impressed with my creativity.

Today I wanted to introduce y’all to him and let you know what he means to me on this Father’s Day.

There are quite a few things in my life that I can thank my dad for passing on to me.  One of those is my independence and work ethic.  Dad has always been a hard worker and passed that trait on.  He gave me my first job and taught me to work hard and put in an honest days work.  He wanted to make sure I’d be able to take care of myself in this world.  Thankfully he was also there be bail me out when I was learning to fly on my own…more than once.  Thank you!

Dad provided me with a free college education.  I know many people end up paying for their own education for many years after college.  Dad worked hard and saved and sacrificed so that I would be able to start out in life debt free.  Thank you!

Now…many of you may not think this a good thing, but I’m pretty sure my ornery personality came from him.  We have both been known to get out our pokey sticks and pester a person or two on occasion.  Yes, we both need to figure out when it’s time to stop, but, hey! sometimes a little friendly pestering can make for some innocent fun.  Thank you!

My dad has sacrificed many years taking care of my sister’s needs when many people in that situation would have walked away or sought out an easier alternative.  In meeting her needs, he has chosen a harder path for himself in order to give her the best life she can have.  It has not always been easy and it has not always been without opposition, but he has done the best he could to provide for her needs.  Thank you!

My Grandpa Parker, was the best Grandpa a kid could hope for and his son, my dad, has followed well in those footsteps for my kids.  They love him like I loved my Grandpa.  Thank you!

I don’t know if my dad realizes it or not, but I learned how to forgive thru my dad.  Life hasn’t all been perfect.  Dad didn’t do everything perfect, but he never gave up trying to make right the things that he could.  He has overcome obstacles and become a pretty swell guy if you ask me.  He didn’t get it perfect, but he knows you can’t.  In fact, I’ll probably always remember this saying he passed on to me when I get tempted to be too hard on myself and my imperfections…”Saint doesn’t come until later!”

I’m glad your my dad….Happy Father’s Day!  I love you!


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