Music Monday: Lighting up the night

I’ve felt a bit uninspired to blog for a few days. I started several blogs but nothing seemed worth publishing. I couldn’t even get inspired enough to post a picture of Hershey or throw together a simple haiku. That is until last night.

Last night I got to see something I haven’t seen since I was a little girl, probably younger than my own girls. We were taking the dogs out for a walk after dark. There is a wooded area behind my in-laws house. Hershey had been scoping it out for the bunny that had been taunting her during the weekend. Justin thought there was a kid down in the creek shining a flashlight up in our direction. That is when we noticed they were all over the field and at the edge of the wooded area. Fireflies!! Emily ran and got a jar and caught one. It showed off only once inside the jar. But the rest showed off for us for quite a while.

The last time I had seen one I was with my Grandparents in the Palo Dura Canyon near Canyon, TX. We were there to see the play TEXAS. It’s a wonderful play in an outdoor amphitheatre in the canyon. It is still running today. I’d have to say it is one of my favorite childhood memories.

Anyways, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about those little fireflies. They aren’t really much to look at when they aren’t shining. As Emily said, they just look like a beetle or something. But when their light shines in the dark…hard not to be mesmerized by them. Hard not to pay attention to them when the light that comes from within starts shining for the whole world to see.

The thing about them is it has to be dark to see their little lights shine. And once you notice one light, you can’t miss the rest even if you aren’t looking directly at the spot they are shining. They are like little gold nuggets against a black velvet background popping up here and there. Pure joy to watch.


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