Snapshots of Heaven: Don’t let anything stop you!

I can’t believe I almost forgot to share my recent snapshot of Heaven sighting. Well, actually, I can because the spiritual warfare that was in play directly following the event I attended was very intense and completely distracting and a bit numbing.

Sunday night I attended a service at Gateway Church called Habitation. It is a wonderful night of worship, prayer and receiving more of Him in your life.  The night was very powerful. It felt as though the Holy Spirit was fully present with us or maybe it was that everyone there was fully engaged in His presence since He never leaves us. Hmmm. Think I’ll ponder on that.

There was a lady in a wheel chair a few rows up from us. I wish I could remember what song we were singing at the time, but that really isn’t the important part. This lady was so caught up in praising and worshipping her God that she just couldn’t sit. She enlisted the help of her husband who put his arm around her waist and held her steady while she stood and worshipped her God with all the strength that she could. She was not about to allow her weakness to stop her from giving all she had in that moment to Him. Her fella wasn’t about to tell her she couldn’t. A few rows back another man knelt in the aisle as he worshipped.

I thought of what it might be like one day when we are all standing before Him. Will we stand or will we bow? I wonder if it will depend on the limitations we faced here on earth as we throw off all that hindered us here.

Something tells me that lady is not gonna want to sit down for a very long time.


One thought on “Snapshots of Heaven: Don’t let anything stop you!

  1. Victoria says:

    I know we we bow at least once “every knee will bow and every tongue confess that HE IS LORD”!! But even when we are standing in worship with our arms (and wings :)) lifted high and our hearts overflowing with sooo many emotions of joy, worship, humility, awe….I know that in our hearts and our worship … our hearts are bowing down to Him!! Since He looks at the heart (not the outward appearance)….I think having a contrite, bowing heart is what is important to Him!! Ahhhhh the freedom we have in Christ after we shake off all of man’s stipulations!! 🙂

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