Music Monday: In the wrong hands.

I’ve become very aware of the war we fight on a daily basis over the past few years. Not the war in the news. The one for our hearts. The one we mostly don’t talk much about because we cant see it so we chalk it up to life. We chalk it up to our circumstances. We blame people for the fruit of it. We blame ourselves when we fall for it. Yes, we have to be responsible for our actions. We have to be accountable for how we behave and how we interact with others. Others have a responsibility for their actions.

But what if there is a driving force we can’t see orchestrating our thoughts and actions and emotions. What if that force is using us to destroy each other? What if that force is doing everything in his power to kill our hearts and using those around us to do his bidding? What if that is his whole mission?

It seems to me he could do a lot of damage with our ignorance. It seems to me he could hurt a lot of really good people using us as his weapon of choice.

Lord, please use me for your purposes. I sure don’t want to be a weapon thrown at my friends and family by the enemy.


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