I bet you wondered why I laugh like that.

This is my Mom!

I thought I’d introduce y’all to her today since it’s a day set aside to honor all of our moms and mine deserves as much honor as any.

My Mom introduced me to God from a young age. She is responsible for the foundation that would get me started on my journey with Him…thanks Mom.

My Mom passed on a quirky sense of humor.  When I laugh so hard I cry at the silliest of things I can’t help but think of the times Mom and I have laughed so hard we cried…sometimes right in the middle of church…I love to laugh…thanks Mom.

My Mom saved my life…I’m sure of it…she had to be brave enough to share a recurring dream that would warn me of possible danger…thanks Mom.

My Mom prayed many prayers thru my life for the handsome fella I am married to today.  She prayed I wouldn’t find him until the time was right.  One day when I thought he’d never show up, I asked her to stop praying so hard.  I’m glad she never stopped.  God listened to those prayers and sent me the most awesome most handsome fella on the planet…thanks Mom.

These are just a few of the things I’m thankful for…I’d share more, but it’s time for that Mother’s Day nap I’ve had on my list.

Like any mother/daughter relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs.  God has used our relationship to teach us valuable lessons about life.  I am thankful today for my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  I love you!


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