Everyone is contagious!

Yep!  I’m still pondering faith.  I’m pondering it in light of tough questions.  I’m pondering it in light of things out of my control.  I’m pondering it in light of things out of my friends control.  It is a whole lot easier to ponder when everything has an easy answer or solution.  You get to see just where you stand when things are out of your control.  You get to see where you stand when the answers to your prayers SEEM to have impossible answers.  You get to see where you stand when you don’t get what you ASKED for. 

I know people who believe God for big things.  Things like healing and restoration and redemption.  They believe Him even when they are surrounded by sickness and disease and brokenness.  They believe Him for big things even when they have seen friends they prayed for lose the battle with cancer.  They still believe He can heal ALL diseases.  They don’t claim to have the answers to the hard questions, they just stand on what He has said and promised even when it doesn’t LOOK like He is coming thru.  They know His timing is so different from ours.  They know that there is so much more going on than meets the EYE we most often see things thru.

I want THAT kind of faith.  I want to live it and not just profess it.  I don’t want to live life with a bunch of safety nets and disclaimers to protect God from the answers I can’t explain.  Maybe when I’m living with a disclaimer/safety net faith, I am trying to protect myself from criticism.  I have turned my faith into something very small that isn’t about God at all.  And not mustard seed small.  Certainly not the fireproof shield variety.  I don’t recall anywhere in the bible where faith was described as a safety net.  Oh sure, there was the net God told the disciples to cast on the other side of the boat, but that one was about to be filled to overflowing.  The disciples did what they were told and God showed up in a powerful way.  That net sure wasn’t the same kind of net we throw out to catch things we don’t understand.

So, how does that happen?  Do you Just Do It?  Do you just step out of the boat into the sea and hope beyond hope?  Those peeps had to start somewhere.  I’m not sure that kind of faith is something a person is born with.  Maybe we were supposed to be…before the fall.  But since we live in a world after the fall…  BUT, we also live in a world after the finished work of the cross.  We live this side of the Risen Savior who said we would do greater things than He did because He has given us the Holy Spirit.  So, why aren’t more people doing those things?  Why aren’t we believing Him for bigger things than we saw Him do? 

Well, some people are believing Him for bigger things.  Some people do believe He still heals all our diseases.  Some people pray powerful, faith filled prayers that leave room for God to do what God does without giving Him permission NOT to act.  Like He wouldn’t really do His will if we didn’t give Him permission to do His will.

I’ve been contemplating “contagious” for a while now.  That word was prayed over my life and it was a sobering prayer.  It was sobering because it is true of me and everyone else.  It was sobering because it comes with a huge responsibility.  It was sobering because I know the things about me that I wouldn’t want to infect others with.  I know the things in my life that are yet to be healed and redeemed that I don’t want to pass on to anyone around me.  I know how easy it is to catch the negativity and bad habits of others if you are around them for very long.  I’d love to be contagious if what I am passing on blesses others.  I’d love to be contagious if what I am passing on is a part of Him that some else needs to live a richer life.  I’ve prayed for more of Him ever since that prayer was prayed because that is all I want to pass on.  If I am to be a contagion, I want to be His contagion.

If I am going to be contagious, I want to catch things worth infecting others with.  I want to be infected with what He is doing.  I want to be infected with the life He meant for me to have.  I want to be infected by people who believe Him for big things because that is what I want to infect others with.  I want to walk with people who want to be infected by those things.  Isn’t that what He created us for?  Isn’t that what He died for?  Isn’t that why He didn’t leave us alone when He left this earth?  He wanted us to know and love Him and believe Him for bigger things and pass that on so others could catch Him.


4 thoughts on “Everyone is contagious!

  1. Joann says:

    I’m reblogging this!! This is my prayer too Laurie!! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  2. Joann says:

    Reblogged this on God, Family, Country, Love… and commented:
    This was written by a dear sister in Christ, who I finally got to meet on my trip to Florida. Our journey’s are very similar right now, running from tradition and religion straight into the arms of Jesus! I hope you are as blessed as I was to read it!

  3. lammilee says:

    I REALLY love this Laurie! I am thrilled to see another sister asking the hard questions and waiting for the hard answers. (I am thrilled to see other sisters & brothers doing the same). I feel as though a brush fire has been started and is gaining momentum. The brush fire started by people asking the hard questions…..which led them to run from tradition and religion straight into the arms of Jesus! (As Joann so aptly said.) I was very blessed by reading this, and am loving the “company”…..as opposed to feeling alone on an island designated for “odd” people. Well, after all…..I am rather peculiar….but I’m ok with that! 😉

  4. Victoria says:

    I love this too! and I love the word contagious, especially when it is about things of such value, like faith and love and compassion and Jesus! I love too that you are asking the hard questions and not just taking the words of man or the doctrines of man, but wanting to go deeper with Jesus! I’m one of those peculiar ones too 🙂

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