What do you do with Conviction?

This blog post was on a friend’s FB wall last night and I wanted to pass it along in my blog. I’ve already shared it on my FB page so many of you that read my blog will have already seen it. I just thought it was worth passing along for anyone that hasn’t.

Unfortunately the post hit me square between the eyes. I could see myself in just about everything that was said in that blog. This is not a great feeling. Conviction usually isn’t on the front end. Yes, I know this from personal experience. I know this from recent personal experience. Who hasn’t been convicted of something in their lives at some point?

But what do you do with conviction? How many times have you been convicted of something long enough to make amends. Long enough to clean up your act. Long enough to get caught up on life and responsibilities and then before you turn around, you are being convicted of the same old thing AGAIN.

I had a conversation about conviction just a few days ago. It’s one thing to be convicted and make temporary adjustments to your life. It’s a whole other life changing thing to be convicted and discover the root of the problem and cut it off so you can be transformed. No, I’m not talking about throwing out the phone or deleting an app or removing a temptation. I’m talking about doing the work with God it takes to find out what makes you tick the way you do. The often hard work of seeking Him for answers about why you do the things you do that are destructive forces in your life. The work of seeking Him for inner healing in the places that you’ve figured out a way to cover up or medicate or hide with whatever your chosen THING may be.

We all have them. Things we’ve agreed to against His will for us and our lives. Sins we commit because we like them or think we do. And things others have placed on us that we thought we had no control over. We all have areas of hurt and disappointment and weakness. It’s called life.

I don’t want to miss out on real LIFE because of some dumb thing I didn’t allow God to heal in my life. I don’t want to miss out on real LIFE because I’m consumed with uncovering those things either. It’s far too easy to get caught up in both. I was given wise counsel to ask God to reveal the things that He wants me to know. That gives me freedom to live LIFE in the here and now while He works out the details of transforming me into who He wants me to be.

I’ll be having many conversations with Him about this post and some of the other things He’s convicted me of in the past few weeks. He is very patient with my arguing and justifying and back sliding and ranting and whining.

One more thing. There is no need to get out your self righteous pokey stick and whack me with it the next time you see me starring at my cell phone. I’ve asked God to convict me. Just thank Him that He has been merciful to you and not given you that burden. Trust me, I do a whole lot better at the changing thing when He is the one nagging me. He knows how to unstick my heels from the deep ruts they are in.


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