Music Monday: Play Ball!

With a week filled with softball games and tournament season just around the corner, I thought a few baseball related tunes would set the tone for the coming weeks in the life of the Wade family.

Gracie’s team will be playing almost every night this week and will wrap up the week with a showdown for the league championship. Until this past week, they were undefeated. I’m actually kinda glad they got beat headed into the next few weeks. Nothing like a little humble pie to perk you up a bit.

Last year Gracie’s team went to the State Championships, but she didn’t get to go. We had family plans that trumped. This year we scheduled our vacation around the tournament schedule so she could be a part. The coach and the team have high hopes for this season. I am just hoping they have fun and don’t lose sight of the more important aspects of the game.

Oh and I’d be more than happy to get another shot at that rude team with the rude parents. I might have to sit out of earshot of them. That, or have my phone where I can fire off inappropriate status updates. Surely if they can’t hear me it’s okay. šŸ˜‰

(Yes, it’s a beer commercial…get over it…the lizards are funny!)

How about some bloopers for your afternoon?


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