Thinking, thinking, thinking…venting!

Maybe I’m just in a bad mood….

I probably shouldn’t sit down to blog right after I’ve taken a beating been clothes shopping with my preteen daughter.  Do these designers not realize the problems they are causing in homes where parents actually care if their daughters dress even somewhat modestly?  This isn’t about one style preference over another.  This is about being able to find cute clothes that don’t show way more than a 12-year-old needs to be showing.  Have you seen what’s available in the Jr section of most stores?

I keep hearing people talk about the teenage pregnancy problem in our schools.  I hear how we need to educate them more and earlier.  The pediatrician tells me she is going to start recommending the shot to prevent cervical cancer beginning at age 9 because you have to administer the shot prior to any sexual contact for it to be effective.

So, let me get this straight…

Let’s teach kids all about sex as early as possible so they can be really curious about what they can do with their bodies.

Let’s tell them how to be safe and take all the necessary precautions with the information we have given them because they are so responsible in all the other areas of their life that they will surely be able to take the time to use all those precautions in the heat of the moment with the maturity level they have.

Let’s dress them like mature adults.

Let’s let them go hang out with their friends with little or no adult supervision for hours because…well, I don’t know why…just because they want to.

Let’s give them 24 hour access to the internet by encouraging them to bring their technology to school where I am sure it is being completely monitored…

Does anyone but me see a problem here???


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