What do they see?

I love watching Gracie play softball.  I love that she has a sport that she enjoys.  I love the benefits of being part of a team.  I love the things being a part of a team teaches kids about life.  It’s fun for me to sit in the stands and watch the games.  I enjoy some of the observations and conversations I have with Emily while we are watching.  I get to learn a bit about what she is thinking about life during those times.  She isn’t one to let me inside her thinking very often, but somehow she forgets to keep her guard up when we are sitting out there.  I wonder if it is because she can say things without little sister hanging on every word…

For all the things I love about softball and sports for my girls…it’s just a game!!!  It’s just a softball.  It’s pretty cool, but it isn’t life or death.  If an umpire misses a call, who is going to remember in 10 years?  Who is going to remember in 5 years?   I don’t remember the calls made in a game unless there is a huge hubbub surrounding them.  Then it’s not the call that I remember as much as the attitudes of the people in the situation.  I remember when a bad call is made and tempers start flaring.  I remember when a bad call is made and everyone keeps their cool.  I remember when parents start heckling the umpires or the other teams members.  Yup!  I’ve seen parents of the opposing team heckle our kids and it made me crazy.  That was over a year ago and it is still fresh.  It is fresh because it made me sad.  It made me sad that parents could be so caught up in a game that most of their kids won’t still be playing by the time they get to High School. 

What are we teaching our kids?  What are they learning when we act like a missed call is the worst possible thing someone could do?  What are we teaching them when they see parents saying rude things to the kids?  I thought we were supposed to be teaching them good sportsmanship.  I thought we were supposed to be teaching them how to work with others towards a common goal.

Okay…I’m done venting.  Go Cougars!!!


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